Formerly: Lujan's Custom Carving

 I worked for the old, Southwest Spiral Design for many years before I opened Lujan's Custom Carving in 2006.  I had many years of designing and working with engineers on many different construction projects, so reading blueprints and knowing how things worked was a snap for me. I have been blessed with the knowledge and understanding of what people want to do, so helping them comes natural to me. Having worked also at Southwest Spanish Craftsmen and learned all about our cultural roots and architectural elements. I have designed and built many projects myself, proving to myself and others that I am very qualified. I can design structurally sound porches made from douglas fir. I know how deep I could carve my post to keep the support needed for porches. I can also recommend what sizes of beams should be used for the different spans between post and which corbels would also help to support the beams.     
  Please look through my:    Categories List at Top Right of Page.
To see some patterns and designs of items made in the past. I have a list of corbels, but can also cut just about any design I have seen, and can carve on them, many different elements such as rosettes, sunburst, curly Q's, border lines, etc. Many customers also like to add texturing or adzing. 
  My posts come in many designs such as spirals, octagonals, territorials, quad squares, Vadito post, and a rosette post; which can be modified for places that need railings. I have also carved many newels to match said posts. 
  It is also my pleasure to carve some items that give that old southwest architectural feeling. Some of these items are mantels, bench boards, end tables, center tables, TV stands, bookends, shelf brackets, sunburst, awnings and other items such as beams and boards. Because of the nature of my work it is always best to speak with my customers. I am happy to help you on my contacts page.
 I am proudly accepting Special orders !
  New Mexico has a state tax on these goods, so I have included them already by giving my customers that discount. Yes tax is included!  I also deliver locally and out of my area at a fair price. please ask for delivery charges!
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 Cell 1-575-613-3548
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 Shop Hours: Monday - Saturday : By Appointment Only.
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 Located in Vadito NM, at: 59a Camino Del Vadito,
 Mailing Address : Po Box 196, Vadito NM 87579.
  Thank you for your visit,
  Joseph Lujan.